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Safety Builder specialises in identifying and resolving companies’ practical challenges and needs in matters of health, safety and the environment (HSE)

Our operations centre around HSE planning, project management and the development of HSE culture, both in Finland and abroad.

Safety Builder has more than a decade of experience in occupational safety arrangements for the international gas and oil industry (e.g. the Sakhalin II project), power plants and Finnish construction projects.

We provide access to a wealth of skilled professionals in occupational safety:

  • HSE managers
  • HSE supervisors
  • HSE advisors
  • HSE trainers

Systematic risk management and safe implementation

The risk management and HSE planning services are tailored to meet the needs of each customer. We design the overall package in collaboration with the customer, ensuring that HSE considerations are incorporated at all operational levels.

Safety management is the key to efficient high-quality operations. Our comprehensive service covers identifying and anticipating risks, coordinating and managing the project, and ensuring safe completion. We take the applicable legislation, official guidelines and interest group requirements into account, with due consideration to schedules and cost control.

Occupational safety – success factors

Occupational safety is the result of many seemingly minor actions and aspects. It requires careful planning, along with addressing the safety management system and fostering safety culture within the company. Occupational safety requires extensive planning and orientation.

Our HSE professionals can help you handle the management, control and development of safety, the planning process and the relevant documentation needs. We specialise in construction projects and large building complexes such as power plants.

Export Projects

Projects carried out abroad require strong and extensive expertise in matters related to HSE. Occupational safety in the context of export projects stems from a variety of factors from knowledge of the occupational safety arrangements and culture in the target country to the local HSE legislation.

Accidents can be very costly, which is why it is important to ensure that the project team includes skilled HSE professionals.

If your business requires the assistance of an HSE professional, contact us so that we can determine your company’s HSE-related needs together!

Metsä Group

Safety Builder was established to resolve the practical HSE challenges and needs faced by companies. We provide a diverse range of comprehensive solutions for ensuring occupational safety and well-being.

Our roster is sure to include just the right HSE professionals to meet your needs. We are also always looking to establish partnerships with networks in the field, so do not hesitate to contact us!

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