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The story of Safety Builder began in the year 1998. The company founder Timo, while working as a teacher in Lapland University of Applied Sciences, started providing training courses for Occupational Safety Card. Since then, health, safety and environment (HSE) projects have taken Timo around the world, to gas and oil industry project to Russia (Sakhalin-2), to a shipyard on the north side in the Caspian Sea, to a Afghan military coalition airbase in Kandahar to ensure successful HSE management of an American company’s construction projects and to power plant projects in Africa and the Middle East. Timo has also years of experience as a HSE Manager in a major construction group in his home country Finland.

Safety Builder was established to answer the safety challenges and needs of companies. We offer comprehensive solutions to enhance the wellbeing of companies and their employees. We arrange for example card courses (Occupational Safety Card courses, truck driving courses), professional competence courses and basic high altitude training (also in English). In addition we provide HSE professionals for projects. Whether you’re interested in a single card course or more challenging occupational safety and health challenge, we are ready for it. Safety Builder is a reliable partner.


HSE in projects

We help you improve the health, safety and environmental (HSE) performance of your domestic and overseas projects. Our experienced safety professionals take care of HSE management, Safety Card Training and site supervision.

The safety of the overseas project depends on good knowledge of the host country’s HSE, local culture and occupational safety legislation. Therefore long-term expertise is needed. Good HSE planning and safety training ensure successful HSE management. Safety culture in a company and work site often reflects the attitudes that the employees and the management share in relation to safety. Also accidents can be costly, which is why competent HSE professionals are vital part of the project team.

Our HSE services cover for example renovations and facade renovations, house construction projects, export business construction projects, eg. power plants.


The following manufacturers and importers have authorized Safety Builder Oy to perform the periodic inspections of their fall protection equipments and climbers.

B & B Products Oy • Blue Import BIM Oy • Certex Finland Oy • Ensto Sekko Oy • Etra Oy • Finnrappel Oy • Honeywell Safety Products • Isojoen Konehalli Oy • Kipinämies Oy • Klippan Oy • Kärnä Oy • Lindström Oy • Mountain Shop Finland Oy • Multisafe OY • Mäkelän Takomo Oy • Peltaco Oy • Procurator Oy Ab • Protecton Oy • Rautaruukki Oyj • Suojalaite Oy • Vandernet Oy • Vaude Finland Oy • WhiteBalance Oy • Würth Oy

Customers can choose a place where the periodic inspection will be conducted. The competent inspector will perform the inspection, issue product records of the approved and rejected items and affix inspection marks on the products. The inspector does not take responsibility for a re-commissioning of a product after a rejection.


We offer qualification training courses for example for drivers and for high-altitude workers. All our instructors are professionals and carefully selected to meet the requirements set for them by the customer’s industry. The instructors have experience in the production work, so they are familiar how the customer industry operates. The training can be carried out in our own facilities or alternatively at the premises of the customer company, depending on which is most effective for you. We also arrange open to all Occupational Safety Card Training courses on a regular basis.

We do not currently arrange training due to busy schedule.




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